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Process of a Logo

Because your logo easily becomes the “face” of your company or organization, designing your logo is an important step in creating your identity and one worth spending a little time and effort on. However, trying to narrow down all that your company encapsulates into one small graphic can be difficult. How can you use your logo to convey the most information about your company to your clients, and still have a clean, simple graphic?

Some good questions to ask yourself as you begin the process of creating a new look for your company:

What style are we going for? Traditional, modern, artsy, whimsical, professional…

Do we want our logo to include the company name? Just the initials or acronym? Or just a graphical representation (no text)?

Does my company have a color scheme in place that we’d like to use?

Do we have certain fonts or design elements that we want to keep?

Are there examples of other logos in our industry, or in any industry, that we like? What elements do we like about them?

Are there simple graphical icons that we have in mind that would convey the purpose of our company clearly? (a hammer for a carpenter, a wrench for a plumber, etc.)

Some questions we may ask you:

How long has your company been in business?

Do you have a website?

Who is your target client?

Where will your logo most often be used?

Once we address these questions, we will begin designing a series of logos that could capture the look you are going for. We typically provide 3-4 design options for the first round. Then, upon your direction, we will move forward with one of the designs and go through two rounds of revisions to provide you with a final product that meets all of your criteria. If further revisions are needed after two rounds, we can discuss options to continue tweaking your logo to get it just right.

The logo examples shown below were created for IVM Web Solutions, a web layout and design company. IVM wanted their company name in the logo, but also a graphic element that would illustrate what they do. The diagram gives a quick glance of how the logo design process works:

Logo Diagram - Developing the Logo for IVM Web Solutions
The logo for IVM needed to incorporate both the company name and a graphic element that fit with their business. The final logo was able to do both, using their name as a supplement to the graphic that includes the initials of the company (the dotted “i”, “v” and “m”), as well as the graphical illustration of a transmitter broadcasting a signal as a web router might do. IVM ended up with a great mark for their company, and something that is versatile enough to use in black and white, color, in print or on-screen.